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We recycling in the CSG all poly pipe in Australia
We recycle for the mining industry in Australia, removing polypipe and PP big bags

We are currently working on major HDPE Pipe Recycling projects in Australia, USA & Canada.


We are committed to delivering innovative material recycling solutions that are customer focused from start to finish.

Gryphon Eco Solutions is in the position to offer the oil, gas and mining industry and its contractors a turnkey solution to waste recycling, reducing waste management costs.We specialise in HDPE Pipe Recycling , HDPE Pond Liner Recycling and HDPE Thread Cap Recycling.

It is proposed that HDPE Pipe, pond liner & PP bulka bag waste should be managed separately from other waste, this will be in order to reduce margin-on-margin costs created by general waste contractors subcontracting this activity, and for our customer to achieve maximum commercial, environmental, and social licence outcomes.

A long term relationship with Gryphon Eco Solutions would guarantee:

A reduction in the current emissions (e.g. haulage) occurring within the supply chain around waste management

A reduction in road use (wear and tear, safety)

Assurance of best management of waste products that do not break down naturally in landfill.

A significant and quantifiable reduction in the areas carbon footprint

Gryphon Eco Solutions is inherently flexible by design. 

​We have a very wide network of trusted contractors with an extensive range of HDPE Recycling capabilities in Australia, USA & Canada including HDPE pipe recycling dump site clearing  in Western Australia & Queensland